High Cholesterol Linked to Infertility

There are many reasons that couples may have difficulty conceiving, but you might be surprised to learn that high cholesterol appears to be one of them. A recent study of couples who were part of the Longitudinal Investigation of Fertility and Environment study found that high cholesterol in both men and women  was associated with lower rates of fertility.

In an interview with DailyRx.com reporter Nancy Maleki, I noted that “Oftentimes, people fear that by lowering cholesterol, they may inadvertently cause other problems to arise. We know that cholesterol is an important component of many of the hormones involved in reproduction. However, typical levels in the US are unnaturally high due to diets high in unhealthy fats and processed foods. Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle also contribute.

“For most adults of childbearing age, making heart smart lifestyle changes will go a long way towards improving cholesterol levels. In general, women who are considering pregnancy should not take cholesterol medications, since there is no proof that these drugs are safe during pregnancy.”

You can read more about the study and its implications by following the link to the story on DailyRx.com.

High Cholesterol Linked to Problems Getting Pregnant | dailyRx.